HP hw6900 Smartphone Releasing This Weekend On Cingular/T-Mobile?

Mobility Today has information that the HP hw6900 PocketPC phone is going to be released this weekend on both T-Mobile and Cingular. T-Mobile rarely gets new phones, so their customers should be very happy. And since this information supposedly comes straight from a mouth of a HP internet chat associate, we'll give a little bit more weight to it than usual.

Jeff: Glad to hear that you are interested in our new hw6900 ipaq model.

Jeff: The hw6900 model is expected to release this weekend

you: Very cool!!! Do you know when Cingular will be releasing their version?

Jeff: The hw6900 Mobile Messenger series that will have the iPAQ PocketPC and cell phone (via Cingular or T-Mobile) combined into a single unit.


After that the chat devolved into a series of "lols" and "omgs", which eventually ended with an exchange of MySpace friend requests.

Cingular & TMobile to release hw6900? [Mobility Today]

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