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HP does pretty well for itself nowadays, consistently leading the market in notebook sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, though, they want to diversify. A lot. In a scattershot semi-announcement, the company said it is working in three new directions. Long-rumored touchscreen notebooks, likely to feature HP's second-gen TouchSmart interface, are due before the holidays. In addition, HP is planning to build it's own 10-inch netbook this year, joining the ranks of just about every other company that has made a computer, ever. Buried at the bottom of the article, though, is a potential bombshell: a new touchscreen phone.


While this could just be another iPaq with Windows Mobile and a touchscreen, there's no reason to completely rule out Android here, or at the very least a snazzy TouchSmart-esque alternative WinMo interface. As for the touchscreen notebooks, even HP admits that past attempts "haven't done that well," so it'll be interesting to see what they bring to the table. [WSJ]

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