HP Slashes Its WebOS Division By 500 Employees

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HP handed out pink slips to employees in its webOS Global Business Unit on Monday. The computer company wouldn't say how many workers it was letting go, but rumors suggest over 500 people are now unemployed. [AllThingsD]



I've heard a lot of comments lamenting these employees' loss of their jobs. While it is always sucky for the individual to lose his/her job, this is the tech sector and this is the WebOS team...thats not a bad thing to have on your resume. In fact, just about everyone loved WebOS. It was the "little engine that could" of mobile OSs. On top of that, now that it's absolutley clear that HP grossly mismanaged the whole project there is een more sympathy for them. I'm sure most of these guys and gals will land on their feet. Yeah, getting laid off sucks balls, but sometimes its the catalyst for positive change in ones life and movement to bigger and better things.