HP Slate 500 Price Finally Made Official: $799

Illustration for article titled HP Slate 500 Price Finally Made Official: $799

The HP Slate 500's specs have been confirmed for a while, but now we've got the last piece of the puzzle: Its price. Turns out that the gadget—which is mainly intended for business customers—will cost $799. Ouch. [Engadget]


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The more I read how this thing is aimed at business customers, the more I think that HP is just making a flimsy excuse for not being able to push out something with a more competitive price point and a better package than the iPad. What determines whether or not this is better suited for a business-oriented customer anyway? How many business types would go for a tablet over an ultralight business laptop? $799 may be cheap, but if you're a high-rolling business customer, that doesn't mean shit anyway, since you can easily get a very expensive machine on the company's dime, or simply paying $1k+ doesn't take that huge a hit on you.