HP Updates its ENVY 17 for Current 3D Micro-Trend

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HP's upgraded its ENVY range of laptops with the ENVY 17 3D. It doesn't take a genius to interpret the meaning of this model number—17" screen, with full 3D capabilities.

It's actually a 17.3" 3D Ultra BrightView Display that's able to contain full 1080p-size moving images, leading HP to claim the ENVY 17 3D is the "first 17-inch notebook PC to support 1080p 3D and Blu-ray"—plus, of course, it ships with a chunky pair of Active Shutter Glasses for when you fancy a bit of 3D viewing or gaming. To get you amazed by 3D from the off, HP's stuck on a couple of sample 3D movies—clips from the 2010 NBA All-Star Game and a trailer from upcoming animated movie MEGAMIND. Literally minutes of free fun to be had, there.


Inside the "precision-etched brushed aluminum" exterior is enough room for 2TB of drive storage, your choice of Intel Core i7 processors and an ATI HD 5850. It'll be out this holiday season, at a price that's currently unannounced. [HP]