HTC HD2 Shown Running Android, Looking Like an EVO Doppelganger

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There definitely won't be an official Android version of HTC's WinMo-running HD2, but the chaps at HTC Linux have finally released an Android 2.1 build for the WinMo-running largescreen, with a fully-working touchscreen.


It's a dual-booting release, meaning it also loads the Ubuntu Linux flavor 'Karmic Koala,' and Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC's Sense UI overlay. While we wouldn't recommend tinkering with your HD2 just yet for some of that doughy Eclair-ness (as they are still a few bugs here and there), it's a promising start from the HTC Linux team, for what has proven to be a big seller for HTC—and led us to dub it as being "tragedy" only because of the outdated OS it ships with.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a perfectly-good piece of hardware and make it actually usable. Whether you install Windows Phone 7, Android or Linux. [XDA Developers via Redmond Pie]

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Orange Exige

C'mon, WinMo6 really isn't that bad.

Coming from an HTC Touch user, I can truthfully say I like WinMo a lot. And I haven't even used most of the newer phones (mine is three years old!).

Nobody just gave WinMo a chance. I'm sure it'd run beautifully on the HD2, as it already runs decently on my phone.

That said, it is cool to be able to dual boot any phone. More power to the user.