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HTC Is Deleting All Its Users' Backups

Illustration for article titled HTC Is Deleting All Its Users Backups

HTC has announced that it is going to shut down its half-assed backup service,, to replace it with "new and improved services". But if you have any data stored there, download it real quick—after April 30th, it'll be deleted for good.


Until now, has allowed HTC users to backup contacts, messages, call history and geotagged photos in the cloud. Now, those users are being encouraged to download their data before it's wiped.

It's not clear what HTC plans to do in the future, especially given that it seems keen to pass the backup buck, telling customers that "if you would like phone location or backup services for your device, please visit Google Play (formerly Android Market) and download an application that best meets your needs." Thanks, HTC! [HTC via PC World]

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