HTC Mozart Running Windows Phone 7 Leaks in Australia

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Australian network Telstra's leaked documents show an unannounced HTC phone, the Mozart, running Windows Phone 7 with the release date of October. As GadgetVenue points out, the image may be Photoshopped, but the documents are not. So what's going on?

You can see quite clearly when the image is at full size that this HTC Mozart looks just like a HTC Desire with a Windows Phone 7 screen painted on over the top of Android (seen peeking out from behind). This could just be a placeholder by Telstra until the real deal is announced, but famed Android hacker Conflipper (whose site just got slapped with a Cease & Desist letter by HTC) has taken to the forums to vouch for the phone's authenticity. He said that the "HTC Mozart is a real device," saying it's destined for T-Mobile in the US.


I'm guessing that someone in Telstra's office had to quickly come up with an image for their internal sales documents, so while the phone is unlikely to look just like a Desire as the picture claims, it is the first leak we've seen concerning HTC's WP7 phones. We know they're doing hardware for WP7, but as to what it looks like—well, HTC has foxed us again! [XDA-Developers via PocketNow via WMPowerUser via GadgetVenue]

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HTC simply fulfilling contractual obligation it has with Microsoft, it seems. Windows 7 is simply too cumbersome, too late to the smartphone war.