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HTC Titan II Colliding With Our Planet on April 8th for $200

Illustration for article titled HTC Titan II Colliding With Our Planet on April 8th for $200

Get ready for the Battle of the Giant LTE Windows Phones: AT&T's confirmed the luscious, big screen Titan II, successor to perhaps the best Windows Phone ever, will arrive on the exact same day as the Lumia 900. Let's rumble.


The Titan II has a .4-inch advantage over the Lumia 900, as well as that Godzilla 16 megapixel camera. But the Lumia is $100 cheaper—which is pretty bonkers. Start clearing out money from your pocket to conveniently make room for these humungous phones. [AT&T]

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What Navigation software does WP7 provide? I use Android and Google Maps with navigation is f'ing Killer. Does WP7 have free software like that?

Hmmm so the app store in WP is pretty severely lacking. No dropbox, no google voice, no wdtv live remote, no entune. This is making the decision more difficult