HTC's 4G Thunderbolt Phone Could Be Dual-Core With 1080p

If these specs are to be believed, the Thunderbolt will be HTC's first dual-core phone (with a 1.2GHz MSM8960 processor), and will contain an 8MP rear-facing camera and 5MP forward-facing camera.


The leaks supposedly came from a German retailer's system, and suggest the phone will be stocked by O2, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone.

If you think all of that sounds attractive, there's also a 4.3-inch screen; the ability to record and playback at 1080p; 16GB of internal storage, and a kickstand that conceals a little speaker. We've also heard it'll run Android 2.3, and will be announced next week at CES by Verizon. [HTC Inside via BestBoyz via AndroidCommunity via SlashGear]

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