HTC's Windows Phone 7 Treatment Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

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If this video of HTC's Windows Phone 7 interface is real, in for a treat—visually, at least. For actual use? Maybe less so.

Microsoft is being extremely protective of both Windows Phone 7 hardware and software, meaning you won't be seeing a full skin—like HTC's Sense UI for Android—on its products. But it looks as though that hasn't stopped HTC from making a few app embellishments for the better. Or at least, the prettier.


All the Windows Phone 7 tiles are in place, as you'd expect. But there are also elements like a 3D sticky note app that lets you leave notes on the home screen, and a very cool weather app with some nice 3D animations. What's being called HTC Hub also showed up at PocketPT, for a look at what the interface is like in real life:

Admittedly, it's better to look at than it likely would be to actually deal with every day. But I don't mind a little flash over function now and then, especially if it's just a YouTube clip and not my actual phone.


These could, obviously, both be fakes. But they'd be pretty tough ones to pull off with no real meaningful endgame. So for now let's just sit back and appreciate the sizzle, and not worry about the toughness of the steak. [Mobility Digest and PocketPT via Neowin]