Huawei is betting (again) on wearables—who's not! And alongside its new Android Wear watch, the Chinese company has something much weirder: the TalkBand B2.

The TalkBand B2 is the successor of the TalkBand B1, with a 0.73 PMOLED touchscreen. Built on a metal dock instead of plastic or rubber, the TalkBand B2 comes in two flavors: A cheaper version, $169, with plastic straps and less aluminum, and a slightly premium version with leather straps ($199). The problem with the screen is that it's kind of annoying to read anything in direct light. The letters are too small, and the screen just isn't bright enough.

What can you do with it? Basically track all your daily activity: steps, calories burnt, distance walked. It can make phone calls, when paired with an Android device or iPhone (if you're into that). But, and here's where it gets weird, the TalkBand 2 can transform: Take out the component from the band (where all the sensors live) and you can slap it in your ear.


The bluetooth earpiece days are back! Or so Huawei thinks.

Overall, it's one of the weirdest and also most uncomfortable bands I've tried. A sign that companies are still trying to figure out what to make out of wearables. Huawei is promising 6 hours talk time, which is good if you're into jamming this thing in your ear. The TalkBand B2 will be available at the end of April in 28 countries, including the US.


Shine on you crazy diamond.