Hublot's LaFerrari Watch Complements the Car You Can't Afford

Illustration for article titled Hublots LaFerrari Watch Complements the Car You Cant Afford

Is there any greater social faux pas than showing up to a social event in a $1.3 million hybrid super car without a matching timepiece on your wrist? Thankfully those who took a leap of faith and pre-ordered the new LaFerrari supercar can now breath a sigh of relief as Hublot has revealed the complementing MP-05 "LaFerrari' watch that's a mechanical masterpiece in its own right.


Like any luxury watch worth its weight in sapphire crystal, the MP-05 features a complex display mechanism requiring a minor in horology to read the time. But its bigger claim to fame is a 50-day power reserve which is a record for a hand-wound Tourbillon. Only 50 of the MP-05s are being produced, making the watches rarer than the LaFerrari, and presumably similarly obscenely expensive. [Hublot via Uncrate]

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First, don't assume Gizmodo readers can't afford a Ferrari. I bought one and I'm sure I'm not alone here. And my watch is a Pebble (and sometimes a Martian Watch.)