Hulu Has Joined the Bidding War for the New Arrested Development

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A new challenger arrives, and it's completely expected. So soon after Netflix reportedly sought an exclusive deal for the soon-to-be renewed series, the Vulture blog alleges that Hulu wants the same. "Marry me!" the producers then said. Everyone was confused.

It's interesting because both parties have their own struggles right now, and the playing field could look different by 2013, when the show finally hits screens. While Netflix tries desperately to recover from, well, the last few months—the price hike, Qwikster—they have the Dreamworks deal and House of Cards to look forward to. And Hulu is still facing its own buyout, with Google and Dish Network currently the highest bidders.


Which makes me wonder how ArrDev might treat the situation when it's released. IF Hulu wins out but Google buys Hulu, what kind of jabs could Larry Page expect? From Tobias of all people? [NY Mag]


Photo Credit: AP Photo

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