Hulu Is Producing a Stephen King/J.J. Abrams Miniseries About JFK

Illustration for article titled Hulu Is Producing a Stephen King/J.J. Abrams Miniseries About JFK

Creators of creep Stephen King and J.J. Abrams were destined to pair up at some point, and now Hulu is going to be one to bring them together. The site scored a huge coup in booking the duo for a new miniseries about the John F. Kennedy assassination, Hulu's first big original content win.


Although Hulu has produced a few notable series, like the Seth Meyers/Mike Shoemaker animated series The Awesomes, this is by far one of the more notable gets anywhere in television. It also gets Hulu on equal footing with its biggest competitors. Netflix, of course, has plenty of original content hits, and Amazon's got a slew in the hopper. This puts Hulu up with the big boys.

The nine-hour miniseries will be based on King's book 11/22/63, in which a 35-year-old English teacher named Jake Epping travels back in time through a hidden portal in a Maine diner (and then I guess somehow gets to Dallas?) to prevent JFK's assassination. Which sounds right up Abrams' alley. As long as they don't, like, all end up with JFK in heaven or something. [Hulu via The Verge]

Top photo by Walt Cisco, Dallas Morning News, Baylor University


Sounds a lot like "Back There", an episode of The Twilight Zone starring Russell Johnson (the Professor from Gilligan's Island), who discovers he's traveled back in time to April 14th, 1865 and tries to prevent Lincoln's assassination.