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Human People Chasing Robot Ducks With Silly Nets

Human People Chasing Robot Ducks With Silly Nets

Oh, the lengths to which we go for our furry and feathered friends! In California, for instance, rescue trainees run around on the beach chasing mechanical, four-wheeled ducks around with big blue nets. Because nature, that's why.

The folks at California's WildRescue have instituted this unfamiliar training program to build a team of wildlife rescuers, people who can respond quickly and appropriately to injured wild animal sightings. This is a good cause! Sure, the methodology may lead to silly pictures like this one:

Illustration for article titled Human People Chasing Robot Ducks With Silly Nets

But it saves the lives of a few friendly fowl, it's okay by me. [WildRescue via SFist]

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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

It is also important to learn to catch them elegantly for tracking purposes. My sister worked at a wildlife preserve for a while and catching the ducks was dreadful work, she would always wind up soaking wet, covered in poop and scratches, all for the sake of a few unfriendly fowl.