Humanity has gone too far: Behold, the Wesley Crusher Jumper Hoodie

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Wesley Crusher - Wunderkind, General Annoyance, Style Icon. But never fear, dedicated followers of Star Trek fashion: Wesley's most iconic design travesty sweater can now be emulated in handy dandy Hoodie format. Good god people, what have we done? We must be stopped.

Yes, Wesley's infamous 'Acting Ensign' sweater is now a Hoodie, thanks to the mad people over at Think Geek, who've been on fire lately when it comes to crazy TNG-era hoodies (I'm half expecting them to announce a Picard Holiday Robe hoodie any day now), but this one might just be pushing it. The faithful recreation of Wesley's Sweater, right down to the weird diamond design thing it does on the left shoulder, is pretty great - and to non-Trekkies I guess it doesn't come off as too nerdy, just... awfully retro? Yeah, let's go with that.


If you want one, it'll set you back $60 - but rejoice, it's Wil Wheaton approved!


You know, I think he's the only guy who could ever pull off one of these.

[Thinkgeek, via WIL WHEATON dot NET]

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