Humanity's Great Works, Reduced to Smileys by Technology

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's latest webcomic tackles technology's effect on art and literature. With the coming Tablet Wars of 2010 and beyond looming before us, it's funny because it's true! [SMBC]


That's like saying "How would the world respond if the wheel were invented today?"

The wheel is already part of our the same way that Hamlet has helped shape, and become part of our current world.

Modern day works of art will be remembered with reverence in the future, because they become part of the culture, no matter how you view our "current culture."

So just because part of our current culture involves emoticons (although...certainly not the art critics in our culture...), doesnt mean that our brains are somehow shielded against perceiving meaningful art.


This comic confuses the hell out of me, but there are really only 2 possible conclusions to draw from it.

1) Technology limits our ability to appreciate art. <— Wow, dumb.

2) The people of today aren't intelligent enough to appreciate art, because they have been woo'd by technology <—insulting, and completely subjective.

Does no one else feel insulted by this?