Humanthesizer Performance Relies on 15 Bikini-Clad Ladies

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Electronic musician/producer Calvin Harris recreated his newest single, "Ready for the Weekend," by using conductive ink painted on the hands of 15 girls in bikinis. We, of course, post it in the interest of sharing this cool ink technology.

Basically, the ladies stand on conductive pads on the floor, and paint their (and Harris's) hands with the conductive skin-safe ink called Bare Conductive. When Harris slaps his hands against those of the ladies, a small current travels through their bodies and onto the pads on the floor, which triggers a sound, all without the girls feeling a thing. He uses eight models to play the main accompaniment, and the others perform a tightly-choreographed routine to create the rhythm. I trust all comments will be about this interesting ink. [Creative Review via Metafilter]