Huzzah! Syfy Just Lost Wrestling!

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In bad news for the channel yet extremely good news for its science fiction-loving fans, Syfy lost the rights to air WWE wrestling programs in 2016. WWE Smackdown will head to Syfy's fellow NBCUniversal network USA. And if we're very lucky, they might just replace it with science fiction. Crazy, right?


The new comes from Variety, who says NBCUniversal wanted to put all their wrestling entertainment on one network. Unfortunately, the article is all about USA's future plans, not Syfy's — although USA does have a few scifi shows of its own in the works, including...

• “Mr. Robot,” a drama about a renegade, social-misfit hacker who gets wrapped up in a shadowy org that aims to cripple corporate America

• “Colony,” a futuristic drama starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as the head of a family of resisters in alien-occupied Los Angeles

However, if you'll recall, Syfy president Dave Howe recently discussed how genre TV has exploded over the last few years, and how the network dropped the ball in leading the charge. Unless he's completely changed his mind, I think Syfy might just use its new empty timeslot on something slightly more thoughtful, and slightly less... sweaty.

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I mean, there is some level of argument that WWE is "Science-Fiction". There's an undead wizard and a vigilante, to say the least.