I Didn't Know You Could Buy iPads in McDonald's Parking Lots, Let Alone Wooden Ones

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Poor 22-year-old Ashley McDowell was approached by two dudes in a McDonald's parking lot claiming they were selling iPads for cheap. Good deal? She forked over $180 to the pair, only to discover they sold her a block of wood. Dick.

I won't speak to the thought process that makes a person buy an iPad from two strangers on the street in South Carolina. It wasn't by any means smart, but if someone handed me a box that said "iPad Inside!" I'd think, if only for a moment, what if? You know, before running off. I'm just mad at the added insult to injury on the part of the scammers. They decked the block in duct tape and an image of the iOS springboard with what looks like a Best Buy tag. They even carved a fake Apple logo and stuck it on the back. What, to give her hope? Way to be assholes about it, guys. [The Smoking Gun]