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I Really Didn't Expect This Guy to Land Where He Did After He Jumped Off a 129-Foot Roof

I’m totally safe and sitting in front of a computer screen, and yet I’m sweating because watching this guy pull his crazy jumps from buildings is just not okay. This one is especially brutal because I really didn’t expect him to end up where he landed. He starts on the roof of the building 129 feet in the air and ends up safely down in the harbor—but I thought he was gunning for that soft middle landing of water between the dock and not, like, on the freaking other side.


He barely dodges the dock too. The wrist camera angle is even scarier because you see the world fall around him as he’s making his jump.

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So do you not feel that posting this video here....just promotes more idiots like this to go out and do this because you gave them fame for doing dumb shit.

And not putting a disclaimers note to not do this...therefore you want other people to do dumb shit so you can post more for your website?