i.TV iPhone App Grows a Remote Control Framework, TiVo Gives It a Whirl

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The already first-rate i.TV program schedule app has a fresh trick: a universal remote control framework that could finally turn the iPhone into the ultimate all-in-one-clicker. To prove they're serious about this, they've nabbed a pretty great first partner: TiVo.

This means that TiVo HD and TiVO HD XL owners will be able to use i.TV as a full remote control, replacing those serviceable but ultimately kind of lame standalone apps that they'd been stuck with up until now. While the prospect of a true all-in-one remote app is pretty exciting—though it's firmly just a prospect, since i.TV is simply offering a framework, not developing remotes themselves—the app has a few other new features going for it, including push notifications to remind you when flagged programs are coming on, and iTunes integration, which lets you initiate iTunes purchases from within i.TV's schedule interface.


Prior versions were free, and this one should be too, as soon as Apple lets it through the gates, which is expected to happen within a few days, or, you know, not. For now, enjoy a teasey video: [i.TV via BGR]