I Want This Now

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I want this: A robot monkey that makes me coffee every morning. Then, it will go down to the deli, jumping through the fire escape, pick me up a bagel with pastrami and cream cheese, and climb back up.

It's too bad that this video of Hina—a small robot grinding and making coffee—is staged. It's not stop motion or fake, however. It's very real. These remote controlled robots are commonly used in Japan, and can be programmed to perform extremely complex movements and long routines. What you are watching here is precisely that.


The mechanics are there. Now we only need the artificial intelligence, and we will be ready to go. Until then, I will have to go down to the shop every morning, which is a perfect excuse to flirt with Gwen—the hot brunette waitress who is certainly not a robot—mind you. [Getnews via CrunchGear]