I Want to Super-Size Every Classic Lego Set I've Ever Owned

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Matt Denton has been putting his 3D printer to good use again, possibly the only good use for those plastic-extruding machines. He’s super-sized all the pieces in Lego’s 1979 Technic Bulldozer set, which required over 600 hours of printing to recreate all 372 parts.

Re-assembling all of those pieces into a five-foot long Lego Technic bulldozer, complete with working tank treads and a bucket that’s raised and lowered by a gearing system, took considerably less time. The giant model is almost a perfect replica of the original, although Denton did incorporate some improvements, including the addition of bearings for the wheel axles which allows the giant treads to roll easily and smoothly.

Let’s hope Denton tackles the iconic Lego Space Galaxy Explorer set next.

[YouTube via Brick Fanatics]