I Wish This Kobo Touchscreen E-Ink eReader Was the Next Kindle

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Amazon. I know you guys are working on tablets or something but you should think about stealing this Kobo eReader Touch and using it as your next Kindle. Dude, it's a touchscreen e-ink display. We've been wanting that forever ago.

But alas, it's not going to be the next Amazon Kindle. It's a Kobo. To be fair, this Kobo eReader Touch does have the look of a winner: there's a 6-inch Pearl E-Ink screen that uses Neonode's zForce infrared touch technology to let you navigate it as a touchscreen. I'm looking at the silly buttons on my Kindle in shame (while crossing my fingers and hoping the Kobo isn't terribly unresponsive or laggy). It'll only run you $130 when it releases in early June. [Kobo]



This looks awesome from the video, but given the current state of E-Ink technology, it will be very unresponsive. The refresh rates just aren't up to par for things like scrolling and page turning or dragging-and-dropping yet.

But hey, I could be wrong. Maybe they've made more progress than I thought. If that's the case, this might be the first E-Reader I'd actually consider buying. The refresh rate of E-Ink has always been the main obstacle stopping me from getting one in the past.

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