iBeer Creators Sue Coors Over iPint App in Battle of the Dumb Beer Apps

Illustration for article titled iBeer Creators Sue Coors Over iPint App in Battle of the Dumb Beer Apps

You know those dumb beer apps for the iPhone, the ones that make your phone look like it's a glass of beer that empties as you tip it? They're a total useless gimmick, and because of that, very popular. At first, there was just the iBeer app, created by indie developer Hottrix, who had the gall to charge $3 for such a dumb app. Then, Coors, Wilson Rothman's favorite brewer, came along and made iPint, essentially the exact same thing but with Coors branding. And they gave it away for free. And now, of course, there's a $12.5 million lawsuit. Over a dumb beer app. At first, Hottrix complained to Apple, who then removed iPint from the Apps Store in the US. It left it up, however, elsewhere in the world, meaning the poor, hardworking souls from Hottrix who had dedicated much of their lives to creating this dumb beer app were being deprived of their earnings. So, to court they go! But really, although the amount of the lawsuit is kind of insane, Hottrix is in the right here. Coors is a big company, and clearly just saw that there was a popular beer app and wanted to jump on board. Dick move, Coors! But at the end of the day, the real losers in this situation are the thousands of people who spent $3 on such a dumb app to make it so popular in the first place. Seriously, who are you people? [GadgetLab]



I really don't see how iBeer can call "FIRST!" and basically monopolize the dumb beer app market.

If coors wants to put out basically the same thing for free, why shouldn't they be able to? Last time i checked you could copyright code, but not ideas.