IBM Ad Changes Color To Match Your Outfit

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this new interactive sign from IBM really, truly wants to get on your good side. It changes its appearance based on what you're wearing.

The sign is part of IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, an broad effort to make worldwide systems more efficient through the use of technology. This billboard, using sensors and LEDs to dynamically update its color, urges viewers to consider how technology could improve supply chain systems and retail experiences today.


As seen in the video, the sign works pretty well, matching colors accurately and updating quickly. It's susceptible to crash, however, when faced with processing clashing outfits. [Fubiz]

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I'm not sure how this actually shows any innovation. I mean, I guess the idea is that I would be wearing a color that looks good on me so i might be more willing to buy something in that color? But how does that make inventory better? Just because I stand in front of a bill board doesn't mean i'll buy clothes from said company. And even if I do, companies already track color and size purchases to know what inventory to keep. So nothing was really added to the overall information.

Gawd. Not only is this not innovative, its wasting electricity.