iCondom Perfectly Fits Your Other Turtleneck

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iCondom's spokesperson Steve Jones says that they have spent four years creating their magic condom, making it the "most perfect condom on the planet," which "will revolutionize the way you make love," and "opens a new era in the history of safe sex." It looks like the perfect complement for my iPhone, iMac, MacBook and long turtleneck. And it will match my black sweater too.

Unfortunately, seeing that it has "latex with memory" (whatever that means), and comes in California strawberry, diet cola or natural porridge flavors, the iCondom is probably just a viral promotion trying to piggyback on the success of the iPhone and iPod.

Nevertheless, seeing how they have absolutely nailed it in style and attitude, they should start making them as soon as possible. [Contex via Gizmodo Japan]