Illustration for article titled Icono Finger Phone Puts the Hand in Handset

Designer Zinc Chan's Icono Finger phone concept is confusing: it's a phone inspired by a hand gesture, which was originally inspired a phone. By capping your thumb and little finger with a D cell-looking mic and speaker, the Icono converts your hand into a piece of hardware, leaving it stuck in a position that simultaneously means "Sup, bro" and "call me, babe." It's a pretty neat idea, if you've got particularly strong and flexible fingers. The dialpad is an interesting concept unto itself, featuring a touch interface the encourages dialers think of phone numbers as shapes rather than sequences. It's a sharply observed design, but if you're familiar enough with a number to develop muscle memory for it and you happen to live in the 21st century, you'd kind of expect to just be able to save it to, oh, I don't know, a contact list. [Core77]


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