Idiot Teens Destroy Largest Lego Helicopter Ever—Update: Two Arrested

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On Thursday a group of idiotic teens destroyed the largest Lego helicopter in the world, the 100,000-piece Erickson Air-Crane. Built by Ryan McNaught over the course of six weeks, the pieces alone are valued at $25,000. Update: two imbeciles have been caught.

The massive 13-foot-long (4 meters), 3.2-foot-tall (1 meter) model was on display at Cairns Central Shopping Centre in Cairns, Australia, when a group of stupid youngsters approached it and deliberately pushed it from its display. They fled right after the helicopter crashed, spreading most of its pieces over the mall's floor. The police are now examining the CCTV footage to determine the identity of these vandals, may they end in a hell in which every time they walk they step barefoot onto the sharpest Lego bricks in the universe.


Talking to, McNaught said: "I was disappointed that my six weeks' worth of work was not going to be able to be appreciated by the community but more so I was upset for the kids."

Update: two of the idiots who broke the helicopter have been caught. They are two boys aged 14. They have been charged "with one count each of enter premises and willful damage over the weekend and will be dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act," according to The police are expecting to capture the other group members.


Remember kids, crime doesn't pay. Don't do drugs. Drink your milk. Love your mama.

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