Idiots Who Are Deathly Afraid of Wi-Fi Have Found a Town in West Virginia That Bans Wireless Signals for 13,000 Square Miles

I always thought it would be a hilarious conspiracy if all the wireless signals that invade our invisible space was really screwing with our health. I wasn't serious though! These people are—they avoid Wi-Fi like the plague.

"My face turns red, I get a headache, my vision changes, and it hurts to think. Last time [I was exposed] I started getting chest pains - and to me that's becoming life-threatening"

That's Diane Schou, she's one of the 5% (!) of Americans who think they suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). Symptoms of EHS include skin burning, muscle twitching, chronic pain, etc. and is caused by exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi and other electronic devices, basically they're allergic to modern life. I don't mean to demean other people's beliefs and/or health problems but...


What the fuck.

Schou's husband, bless his heart, built a Faraday Cage for her to live in—it was a wooden frame with two layers of wire mesh and a door that could be sealed shut. All the more better to block out the signals, you know? That's where Schou spent much of her time before she found her safe haven: Green Bank, West Virginia. Green Bank is part of the US Radio Quiet Zone—wireless signals are banned 13,000 miles across to prevent interference with the giganto radio telescopes in the area. Green Bank is slowly emerging as the destination du jour for these Wi-Fi 'fraidy cats—no one carries cell phones, no one uses wireless tech and people can breathe now!


According to the BBC, dozens have flocked to the area and are now able to live a normal life. As normal as crazy people can get, I guess. [BBC via BoingBoing, Image Credit: Rob Wilson/Shutterstock]

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