I mean, who's really looking forward to Transformers 3? Really? Really?! Anyway, turns out James Cameron is to blame, with Bay saying "years ago, Jim Cameron called me and told me I needed to do 3D. I told him no!"

Telling Empire magazine that filming in 3D was "tough as hell," Bay described the turning point for him: "I was starting work on the first Transformers, and he was making Avatar. He was shooting in this tiny set and asked me to come see it. It looked like mission control, full of hard drives and computers… I'm old school! I like 35mm Panavision cameras and I try to do as much as possible in camera...He told me they had great algorithms and things like that. I was, like, 'What the f**k?'"

Unfortunately—for him, not us!—the first day's filming Transformers: Dark of the Moon was lost to a hard drive failure, but they "made up the time and [he] ended up loving the 3D." [Empire via TechRadar]


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