If I had a TV this beautiful, I might never turn it on

Sitting nonchalantly in front of Sony's booth at the LVCC—so understated and elegant that you might walk right by it thinking it was just a slab of polished black glass—is the most beautiful television I have ever seen.

The only clue that this featureless monolith even is a TV is the test pattern that pops on the screen from time to time: an assortment of gleaming white rectangles that hint at an LED array below the mirrored surface. There are no buttons, no logos, no lights or switches or ports or even off-colored patches to give this thing's functions away.


In fact there are only two clues about what this thing is: 1) It's sitting at the front of a row of similarly design-focused HDTVs, and 2) It's at Sony's booth. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this too is a Sony HDTV. I'm gonna go out on another limb and pray that Sony produces this thing—because I'd be awful tempted to buy it and stare at it all day. I wouldn't even pollute the beautiful screen with the crap I watch.

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