If This is Amish, I'll Take It!

While the Amish make technological sacrifices that most of us could never tolerate, you might be surprised at how tech-friendly some of the Amish have become. Namely, adults will turn a blind-eye to teenagers on the cusp of adulthood so that they may explore technology before swearing it off. And you know what that means? Horse-drawn buggies with mega sound systems and Amish teens who text message with the best of them. Don't believe it? Then watch that clip. [ABC]


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I live in Amish country and seeing the buggies with steroes, etc, is pretty commonplace (though a state law that they have to put an orange triangle on the back of the buggies to warn other traffic of a slow moving vehicle caused a MAJOR uproar with them). The same as the horse poop all over. They have a guy who works at McDonalds that part of his job is to take the shovel out and clean the "fertilizer" up from the drive thru lane. Some of the larger farms have electricity to the barns, but not to the house, and they do not speak english at home (a form of german/dutch I guess) and they refer to the rest of us as "the English". They still have their own schools, usually taught by 16 year old girls prior to marriage, most of whom have only an 8th grade education themselves. A large percentage of the young people do opt to return to the traditional lifestyle so they are not shunned by their families, who consider them "dead" if they leave the order.