If This Razor-Thin Dining Table Won't Bend, Why Should Your Phone?

Why the iPhone 6 Plus is mysteriously bending for a handful of users may never be fully known, but for the next version maybe Apple should talk to Alexander Purcell Rodrigues who has designed a stunning super-thin aluminum dining table that looks like a giant razor blade, and is promised not to bend or warp—even under the load of a Thanksgiving feast.

But before you start asking why the Blade table won't bend but the iPhone 6 Plus will, you need to take into consideration what's inside each. The iPhone 6 Plus has to accommodate electronics, a battery, and other hardware that leaves less space for structural reinforcement. The Blade table, on the other hand, is only filled with an aluminum honeycomb structure that gives it incredible strength and rigidity, even when it's only eleven millimeters thick.


And while pricing details haven't been revealed for the seven-foot long table, it's safe to assume the Blade will set you back far more than even the 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus, especially since there are no on-contract deals to be had. [Alexander Purcell Rodrigues via Design Milk]


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