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If You've Got Google Music All Access, You Can Get Glass Now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Google Music All Access users are reporting that they've received an email inviting them to join the ranks of Glass Explorers. (Here's the sign up page you can try if you didn't get the email.) As far we can tell it's the first time Google has opened up the program to a subset of its users without demanding that they explain themselves.

A tipster sent us the screenshot above from an email, which explains that along with a selection of other All Access customers, he'd been selected for VIP Access to Glass Explorers program. The subset of customers isn't surprising given that Google recently expanded its music support for Google Play. But it's significant that Google's rolling out the beta to a wider audience because it shows the company is increasingly confident in the product. Whether this means we'll see any final Glass product in 2014 remains to be seen. [GoogleThanks Nick!]