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Ikea's Redesigned Book-Shaped Charger Is Now Even Easier to Hide

Keep a stash of fresh AAs and AAAs hidden away on a bookshelf.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Ikea

Rechargeable batteries are good now, and even Ikea’s offerings are worth the extra cost in the long run—plus, you’ll be sending fewer dead ones to the landfill. But if aesthetics has been the lame excuse for why you haven’t upgraded to rechargeables yet, Ikea has redesigned both its batteries and charger so they’ll be less likely to clash with your decor.

Since their debut three years ago, Ikea’s rechargeable LADDA batteries have come with little adornment, save for a white label with black text denoting their size, capacity, and positive and negative ends. This year they’re finally getting a splash of color with white text on a blue/green label, although it looks like the saturation has been turned almost all the way down. If the muted aesthetics of Google’s smart speakers are about as adventurous as you like to get with color in your home, then Ikea’s facelifted batteries will fit right in with your decor.


The LADDA batteries can be charged using a matching wall wart, but we’ve all got too many of those making claims on limited outlet real estate already. The better option is Ikea’s new TJUGO charger which appears to be an updated version of its STORHOGEN charger. It’s a lot smaller than its predecessor, with a capacity for charging just eight AAs or AAAs at a time (or any combination of the two), but the TJUGO’s book-shaped design is, well, more book-shaped than the STORHOGEN was, with a lid that closes using a flexible spine that makes the charger look more like a bound tome.

It’s a nicer design, and its color matches the new LADDA batteries. The only drawback is the location of the charging port, which makes it impossible to stand the charger on its side on a shelf (which is how most normal people store their books) while keeping the unsightly cord hidden. The charger doesn’t scream charger, but no one is ever going to mistake the TJUGO for a random paperback.