I'm Getting Completely Lost in Discovery's Beautiful VR Projects

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The Discovery Channel, home of sharks and professional pyromaniacs, has a lot of cool stuff to show off. So it makes complete sense to cherry-pick some of the best moments, and package them into bite-size VR experiences.

At the moment, there’s nine videos on the Discovery VR site you can view: a couple Mythbusters clips from diving with sharks, surfing lessons, or a short tutorial from Survivorman are all in there. You can view in a 360-degree video player in your desktop browser, or download the Android or iOS apps.


Even just with my $10 Google Cardboard VR viewer, the shark-watching clips are wonderfully immersive and just a little bit scary. The Android app currently supports Gear VR, and there’s Oculus Rift integration promised down the line. Combine that with Discovery’s proven experience producing fantastic TV, and I might have just found my new favourite application for virtual reality.

[Discovery VR via GeekWire]

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