This robotic spider dress made by Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht and Austrian software developer Daniel Schatzmayr is creeping me out but also turning me on at the same exact time. I don't know what to think—if those crawling spindly robot legs are scary or if they're just sexy.

The mechanical legs start moving when it senses movement nearby. That's pretty creepy. But can't you imagine this dress being worn by some drop dead sexy comic book villain? Imagine Megan Fox as a new Spiderman villain/spicy love interest wearing the robotic spider dress. That's pretty sexy, right?


The prototype dress was made to "give more power and psychological thrills" to those who wore it. The dress was made with "sensoric, servo controlled, mechanic, microcontroller based and reacting//attacking upon approach, inspired by the game LIMBO." I kind of want those octopus arms to grab me. Am I just discovering that I have a robot fetish? [YouTube via LikeCool]

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