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I'm Sorry

Hello Giz Readers,
I'd like to apologize for the hiccups in our liveblogs today. Some of the errors were user errors. I didn't know that our image caching system had changed until the event started, which delayed the shots from getting up as quickly as you've come to expect from us through the years. The other part of the problem was the livepolling tool. The amount of clicking you all did on the poll overwhelmed the servers we were using and affected the actual liveblog. Later on, even our automatic updating system was unable to keep up with the number of readers on the site. I will do everything I can to make sure the system is as reliable and fast as it has been in the past for the next liveblog. I know there are other places you can read your gadget news, so for those of you who came back to read our work when we came back online, well, I owe you one.

Thanks again for reading Giz.



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"unable to keep up with the number of readers on the site" sounds like excellent news to me. It means that folks know to come to Giz as the authority on the low down on whats happening. Thats credibility. Way to go Giz!