iMessage Probably Coming to iChat

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iMessage is going to take the last thing BlackBerry had going for it—unlimited messaging with delivery tracking. And now it's going to be even better, MacRumors reports, giving you access to your computer-bound friends via iChat.


This is awesome, awesome news if it pans out based on the dug up code clues (and there's no reason to think it won't). With the addition of iChat, iMessage goes from a text killer to a ubiquitous communications network. The moments when we aren't around either a phone or computer are few and far between. If iMessage spreads across both, you'll be able to hit up the people you know almost all the time. Message your buddy while he's on the train to work, then continue the conversation when he's at his desk. Bring it on. [MacRumors]


considering how cheap unlimited sms is, and the ubiquity of smartphones with whatsapp, imessage, bbm, facebook chat or the numerous other messaging services do people still even use ichat or gmail or really anything that requires one to actually sit at a computer for awhile just to have a conversation?