Improved AI Means LG's New Robovac Goes Around Furniture, But Tells Humans to Move

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The days of robot vacuums blindly bumping into objects around your home as they clean are long gone. Improved sensor technologies mean robovacs can intelligently spot and avoid obstacles well before a collision occurs, and LG’s new autonomous cleaner goes one step further by interacting with humans it encounters.

The same way your dad used to tell you to lift your feet while he was vacuuming the living room, LG’s new robot vacuum will recognize and politely ask humans to get out of its way so it can continue on cleaning the floors. If you don’t move, the robot will remember where you were standing or sitting and ensure that spot gets cleaned later, but by being a jerk you’re just limiting its battery life and cleaning range.

Using deep learning technology, LG’s new robovac can also spot, recognize, and learn how to deal with obstacles appropriately. The edges of your living room are probably littered with power cords, so over time LG’s new robovac will learn to avoid them to prevent wires from getting wrapped up in its roller brush. And hopefully, it will learn to just avoid your kid’s bedroom altogether.


Pricing and availability details aren’t known yet, but while LG’s new robovac is entering an already crowded market, it seems like the company is pushing the technologies forward so that one day you won’t have to babysit a robot vacuum while it’s trying to make your life easier.


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I don’t like the idea of an AI “asking” me to move. How long before they stop asking politely, and start telling us to move? Or even worse, in an effort to eliminate dust and dirty in the house, they eventually identify us as a major source and cause of that dust and dirty, and decide it would be more efficient to eliminate humans? This is how the Rise of the Machines starts!