This is "Thief," by BJ Crawford, an old but fantastic animation that was made for a competition which challenges animators to use a predetermined audio clip and tell a compelling story in only 11 seconds. The site,, runs monthly competitions, and winners receive a critique of their work from the folks at animation mentor.

There a lot of great videos over there, and it's interesting to see how different some of the concepts are. The older videos don't really work for whatever reason (so you can't see what Crawford's competitors came up with), but the newer ones all work fine. And for the record, the audio is often ripped from movies, both classic and modern.


As for Crawford, he's a working animator who has contributed to movies such as Epic and Ice Age: Continental Drift. His old blog is here, but he hasn't updated in a while. Regardless, he makes a mean short. I, for one, want to know what was on that piece of paper.