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In The Case of This Genetically Engineered Mouse, You Are BOTH the Father

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not to be outdone by a mad scientist and his secret cache of cloned sheep, other mad scientists successfully birthed a mouse from carrying DNA DNA from two male specimens, no females added! (Well, except for that whole birthing part.)


In order to accomplish this feat, the scientists manipulated fibroblasts...blah blah blah...induced pluropotent cells...blah blah blah...grew iPS cell colonies...blah blah blah...blastocysts...OMG WHO CARES...THIS THING HAS TWO DADS!!!1!1!

Actually, according to PhysOrg, the scientists worked the DNA of a male mouse into a female womb, then matied that female with a different male. The resulting offspring (some male, some female) then carried the traits of both fathers. These new wonder mice open up all sorts possibilities for things such as saving endangered species and breeding healther animals. And—should this ever to make it to the human stage—it would allow gay couples to have a kid that was both their own, which is somethng I'm sure red staters would absolutely lose their shit over. [PhysOrg via Slate]