In the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Comic, Hup Will Get the Adventure He Deserves

Hup’s quest to become a Paladin is getting off to a peculiar start in the new Dark Crystal comic.
Hup’s quest to become a Paladin is getting off to a peculiar start in the new Dark Crystal comic.
Image: French Carlomagno (Boom Studios)

There is a lot to love about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistancethat it exists, that it is good, that it is beautiful and endearing and okay, we’re just gonna say “all of it” and move on at this point. But Hup the Podling is one of the things to love the most about it—and the series’ official comic is about to give you even more to love.


The current arc of Age of Resistance, by Nicole Andelfinger, Matias Basla, and Miquel Muerto, has focused on the history of both Rian’s father, Ordon, and the younger iteration of Maudra Fara (played by Mark Strong and Lena Headey in the series), as they protect the Stonewood Clan from a deadly Arathim invasion. But io9 can exclusively reveal that with Age of Resistance #5, out in January, will begin a new story with a new creative team—and it’s all about Hup!

Penned by Adam Cesare and with art from French Carlomagno, the new storyline sees Hup—before he ever met Deet on his travels and helped change the fate of Thra forever—working as a chef, dreaming of his chance to become a noble Paladin. But a chance encounter with a Gelfling Bard, Barfinnious, who travels through his village one day sets Hup on the path to putting his dreams into action. But can Hup trust a Gelfling who tells tall tales for a living? Is Barfinnious really all he says he is? How many spoons can a podling take on an epic journey?

These are all questions we must find out the answers to and hopefully we will when Hup and Barfinnious’ journey together begins in The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance #5, on shelves from January 15.

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