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Jack Bannon as a dapper young Alfred in Pennyworth.
Image: Epix

The first teaser for Pennyworth established 100 percent that Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth is British (just in case you needed a cheeky reminder of that fact). Now there’s a second teaser for the upcoming Epix series. This one recycles some of the images we’ve already seen but there’s a key addition, in which the young Alfred meets another young-ish chap by the name of Thomas Wayne.

Yep, that’s Ben Aldridge as Batman’s excellently mustachioed dad. Quite obviously, the billionaire is hiring Alfred (played by Jack Bannon) for an unspecified job, circa 1960s London, that will presumably make use of those badass special forces skills—and lay the groundwork for hangin’ tough with young Bruce in later decades, once you-know-what inevitably happens to the Waynes.

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Pennyworth is “at your service” (sigh) starting July 28 on Epix.

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