In the short movie Light, Los Angeles is overrun by viscous blobs of oozing luminescence

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If my parents had shown me this video when I was five, I would have broken my habit of leaving the lights on whenever I left a room much sooner.

This creep-tastic short film by Sunday/Paper director David Parker was shot over the course of a couple nights in L.A., and is meant to draw attention to energy waste — something many of us, myself included, often fail to take account of in our day-to-day lives. According to the Sunday/Paper website:

Light... initially began as a project intended to bring awareness to energy waste. Bleeding, crying lights were meant to metaphorically parallel the way in which we invisibly squander our natural resources without much thought. While the original sentiment remains, the film also grew into a poetic statement about a world run amok and the human tendency to exploit that which we hold dear.


[Spotted on Laughing Squid]