Incase iPad Lounge Case: Turn Your iPad into a Cute Chumby

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When I first saw the Incase iPad Lounge Case, I thought it was an April Fool's joke. Then I used it. On my desk, on my bed, on my belly, on my knees, on everything… and it never came off.



The back of the Lounge Case is filled with beads, like a beanbag, and lined with a supple sweatshirt-esque material. When you use it as a stand, the angle of the iPad Lounge Case is tilted back just a liiiiiittle more than Apple's Smart Cover. It's having an lazy mode for your iPad; you can throw it anywhere and it'll fit in. The best part? The iPad really disappears into the pillow—you forget about the thinness, the unibody, the A5 chip—and you just treat it as a trusty piece of furniture. It just feels like home.


No Like

Traveling with the case would be annoying—like seeing people travel with pillows. Maybe it's more comfortable, but you sure look weird lugging that space-hogging ball around. Prying the iPad out of the case is a pain in the ass. There's no way to protect the iPad's screen or wash the case's pillow backing, either.


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That's genious! But I'm waiting for a device that looks something like this...