Incase's Pathway Bag Will Let You Lug Your Laptop With Style

Illustration for article titled Incases Pathway Bag Will Let You Lug Your Laptop With Style

When this time of year came around when you were a kid, it meant back to school. And that meant new outfits. That hankering doesn't necessarily go away as an adult, and Incase's new Pathway collection will tickle all your weather-changing wardrobe fancies.


The shoulder bag—for a 15-inch MacBook Pro—is really slick, with a leather strap and a cotton twill body has a timeless look. The combination of fabrics are slick, and it's a gorgeous (and definitely unisex) tote. Incase is known for making some quality, computer-protecting products, and this new line will have you all set for the chillier months, even though you're not strutting your stuff in the school cafeteria anymore. [Incase]

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What makes this bag only suitable for a 15-inch MBP instead of any other 15-inch laptop? Will it automatically reject non Apple products? :D (There is plenty of space for a "more common" laptop in the pictures...)